We celebrate fathers this Sunday. And I can’t think of a better father than my DAD!  He truly STANDS TALL!

My wife and I had the privilege of watching a pre-screening of the movie, When the Game STANDS TALL*. In the movie, Coach Ladouceur states, “Winning a lot of football games is doable. Teaching kids there’s more to life? That’s hard!” My dad certainly taught me there was more to life than just earning a paycheck or winning a game.

My father taught me to win at life. Growing up, dad was the hardest worker that I knew. He got up early in the morning, loaded his Colonial Bread truck, and worked each evening until the work was done. When he retired, the local Sonic placed on their sign,  Dad 86th birthdaycongratulations to Mr. Colonial. Everyone in my small town, knew Dad had earned it. Today at 86, he still works hard taking care of the Laundromat he purchased when he retired. The willingness to work hard and to give it all you got are vital to winning at life. Thanks Dad for teaching me to work hard!

He served his church as the Sunday School Director for 35 years, earning multiple Eagle awards for growth. At night after a hard days work, he would read the latest Sunday School training books, Sunday School leadership magazine, and earned His Sunday School Leadership Diploma. He constantly participated in association, state, and national training events. He didn’t just give a Sunday School report on Sunday morning…he embraced serving and leading the church to grow through Sunday School. He stills attends his Sunday School class regularly. Thanks Dad for teaching me to importance of education and for my passion for Sunday School!

Dad loves his family. He demonstrates love to my mom every day even though some days she wonders where her husband is and what happened to him. Thanks Dad for teaching me to Love!

Thanks Dad for your example on how to win at life.

*When the Game STANDS TALL was inspired by a true story of Coach Bob Ladouceur and the DeSalle High School Football team. What an inspiring and encouraging film. Join me in praying that God will use this movie to touch the lives of young men and women all across our nation. It comes out in theatres on August 22.


About drmarkmiller

I serve as the Sunday School, Discipleship, Small Groups Specialist for the Tennessee Baptist Convention
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One Response to My DAD STANDS TALL!

  1. Dwight Moss says:

    Yep! He is a special guy! Give him my regards!

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