Sunday School: A Mechanism for Outreach

 Randy Davis, Executive Director for the Tennessee Baptist Convention shares his views on Sunday School as the outreach arm of the church.  He expounds that evangelism is all about passion for the lost and ultimately about building relationships with lost people.

During the recent Sunday School Investigation Conference in Paris, Tennessee, Randy Davis,  responded to the following question:  My dad taught me that Sunday School was the outreach arm of the church but over the past 15 years, there’s seems to be a de-emphasis on the Sunday School as the outreach-evangelism arm of the church.  What have you done to keep Sunday School as a strategy for outreach and evangelism?

According to Dr. Davis, there has been a de-emphasis on evangelism so naturally, there will be a de-emphasis on outreach and evangelism in Sunday School.   If Sunday School directors, minister of education, and pastors don’t have a passion for evangelism, you will not lead your church and your Sunday School to be the evangelism, outreach arm of the church.  I love Randy’s response that Sunday School is the best mechanism to do ministry and to fellowship and to reach people for Christ.  Are you using your Sunday School to effectively reach, teach, and minister to a lost and hurting world?  

Sunday School Investigation offers breakout conferences for pastors, ministers of Education, and Sunday School Directors, Preschool, Children, Youth, and Adult leaders.  Seven more SSI:TN will be offered in September.  Each events features pastors sharing with pastors and Sunday School Directors there philosophy and solutions for growing Sunday School.  Each event  begins at 6:30 and conclude at 9:00 PM.  SSI: TN is requires no advance registration.  These conferences are available thanks to your church’s gifts to the Cooperative Program and participating associations.

Visit our web site at For each SSI conference location, a complete list of breakouts being offered, directions to the host church, and available publicity items.


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I serve as the Sunday School, Discipleship, Small Groups Specialist for the Tennessee Baptist Convention
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