Reflecting on the Masters!

Eleven years ago, I was introduced to the great game of golf. My boss, Tim Holcomb, talked me into playing at a Golf Tournament at the annual TBREA retreat for Ministers of Education. I was hooked, even though my posted score was 158 that day (it was probably more like 358) and I won the award for the most sand shots.

Over the last eleven years, one of my favorite days of the year is watching the final round of the Masters. As far as tournaments goes, this one is the best of the rest. I love that the Master’s setup allows the pros to take risks and attempt some absolutely, incredible golf shots. While Charl Schwartzel won the tournament in impressive style with four birdies to close, the most unbelievable shot was the shot that Tiger Woods hit on number 8. The roars on Sunday at the 75th Masters were fun to hear and even greater to watch.

I will never be a professional golfer. These guys play by the rules, no mulligans on every shot, pretty par 3’s, or the providence rule. Ken Marler introduced me to the pretty par 3 rule. On a pretty par 3 (and they are all pretty), if no one in your group hits the green, everyone gets to shoot again. (I love this rule when I play by myself.) The Providence rule comes in handy at times as well, if you lose your ball but God allows you to find another one, you can hit the one found with no penalty. Of course, real golfers play the ball where it lies and counts every stroke.  And my goal is to become a real golfer. 

I have learned so many lessons from golf. After playing for a few years, my wife gave me a great present, golf lessons. My instructor taught me the fundamentals of the golf swing.  Each year, I spend countless hours reading golf digest, watching golf instructional videos, and practicing to continue to master these fundamentals.  I love the game of golf.  Golf has taught me that if you want to become better at something, you have to work at it.

While I love playing golf and working on my game, nothing is more important than spending time daily with God in Bible Study and Prayer.  To become a master of the word of God, you must spend time with the Master.  My relationship with Christ is more important than a round of golf…but like any relationship, I must invest in it.

One day, I hope to walk those hallows grounds of the Masters, where the best have played. But because of Christ’s sacrifice and my belief in Him, I am guaranteed by the word of God to walk through those pearly gates and on those streets of Gold. Do you know Christ as your Savior?


About drmarkmiller

I serve as the Sunday School, Discipleship, Small Groups Specialist for the Tennessee Baptist Convention
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2 Responses to Reflecting on the Masters!

  1. Josh Hunt says:

    They say you get hooked on golf the first time you hit is straight down the fairway 250 yards. It still hasn’t happened to me.

    Spending time in God’s Word is not only important; it is also a joy!

    Josh Hunt
    Good Questions Have groups Talking

  2. Ron Moore says:

    You have mastered the skill of taking a mulligan!!! You don’t need to work on that one anymore!!! Because of God’s forgiveness we all get a mulligan – we get a second chance to do it right.

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