Sunday School Teachers Experience Brokeness as well

In my previous post, I talked about responding appropriately to Class Members and Group members when they are experiencing great trouble and distress.  As I listen to my pastor sermon on Sunday on Brokenness, naturally, I thought of the issues that I am facing.  Ministers and teachers experience life just like class members. 

For me, 2010 was year of transitions, such as daughters graduating from high school and heading to college,  the retirement of the old boss and the hiring of a new one, a daughter announcement that she would marry in 2011 and move to Indonesia.  INDONESIA?  And as my pastor, Tom McCoy, preached Sunday, my thoughts turned to 2011 and how to pay for college tuition and a wedding without borrowing money, which I desperately do not want to do.  My concerns are so minor compared to what so many others are going through, many are dealing with terminal diseases and are worried about how to provide the basics needs of their family. 

The walls of Jerusalem were broken down and the Israelite survivors were experiencing great trouble and distress.  When life happens, who do you turn to? How do you minister as a Sunday School teacher or small group leader when you are the one who life is experiencing that brokenness that my pastor preached on?

Let me encourage you to share with your pastor, to talk with a friend, to be honest to your Sunday School class.  In the midst of the trials, God will use you your experiences and your vulnerability to teach your class.  Don’t be afraid to just admit that you are hurting and that you are asking the question, Why?  Why God? Why?     

My prayer for 2011 is that I will walk by faith not by sight.  That is my prayer for you as well.  Walk by Faith, not by sight.  I would love for God to give me a great deal of money or to find a new car to replace my old van with 200,000 plus miles in the driveway. For me, God has chosen not to provide in that way (at this time)…he wants me to learn the lesson of walking by faith not by sight.  I do trust that when the wedding is over, the bills will be paid.


About drmarkmiller

I serve as the Sunday School, Discipleship, Small Groups Specialist for the Tennessee Baptist Convention
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2 Responses to Sunday School Teachers Experience Brokeness as well

  1. Tim Taylor says:

    But do you not have to put a plan of action in place to meet those needs for her school and weeding,because if we just go on faith God will supply, is that not a lot like walking out in front of a bus and saying God will not let it run over me?

    • drmarkmiller says:

      I see your point and agree that God expects us to plan and use the wisdom that he has given us. For me, I believe that God is teaching me a lesson to wait on Him at this time.

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