Lessons from the Space Program for Ministers and Sunday School Leaders

As a child growing up in the 1960’s, I remember vividly watching the Apollo Space launches and Splashdowns.  The whole 3rd Grade class watched as Neil Armstrong took his first step on the moon and declared, One small step for man and one giant leap for mankind.  Some of my favorites movies are Apollo 13 and the series entitled from the Earth to the Moon.  Today, I am sad that the Shuttle fleet will soon be retired.  

When the Space Shuttle, Columbia, returned from its maiden voyage on April 14, 1981, I was glued to the TV in the commons area of Union University.  Classes could wait that day…history was being made.  When the Space Shuttle, Challenger, blew up in 1986, I watched every minute from my church office in Little Rock.  For many boomers and busters, that day is a day they will never forget.  As the space shuttle nears the end of its voyage, I wonder what’s next?

What lessons can we learn as ministers and teachers from the space program?   A bold vision is needed.  Teamwork is required.  Resources must be allocated.  New Technologies must be developed.  The people must be inspired.  Successes must be celebrated.  Challenges must  be overcome.  The impossible becomes possible.  The world as we know it is changed.  Heros are found. Stories are told. 

Do you have some other thoughts?


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I serve as the Sunday School, Discipleship, Small Groups Specialist for the Tennessee Baptist Convention
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2 Responses to Lessons from the Space Program for Ministers and Sunday School Leaders

  1. Jason McNair says:

    I vividly remember the ’86 Challenger explosion. It was my generations’ “9/11” or “Dallas, 1963”. I was in my Driver’s Ed classroom and we watched it live. The whole school did because Christy McCullough was on board, the first Teacher in space. I agree with your analogy and love your last paragraph. Our Sunday School and Small Group ministries must boldly go forward with fresh new ideas and motivation to reach out to “uncharted territory”. We need a vision for what is on the next horizon while learning from the challenges that we have overcome. Great post.

  2. Ron Moore says:

    As Star Trek would say: “Boldly going were no man has gone before.” We need to keep the basics of good Bible study but we must always be looking for new ways to communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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