Transferable Elements of Sunday School Classes and Small Groups

Last week, I had lunch with a church leader who asked me, “In my opinion, what’s the strengths and weaknesses of Small Groups.”  Today, I was eating lunch with a local discipleship pastor who had been grappling with why his church has to distinguish between small groups and Sunday School.  His conclusion was as long as Lives were being changed, it really doesn’t matter.  I have really enjoyed writing the last seven blog articles on the transferable elements of Sunday School classes and Small Groups.  Truthfully, I wrote them for my own benefit with the hope that they would stir conversation.  But as I summarize these elements, there is a lot of common ground in both the Sunday School movement and the Small Group movement. 

I have not attempted to compare the worst of the Sunday School movement with the best of the small group movement.  Such a comparsioin is not apples to apples but apples to oranges.  There are differences. The differences mainly lie on how you see Sunday School and how you see Small groups.  But the hope is that we can learn from each movement and not fight one another.  Both movements have their strengths and weaknesses and their struggles and shortcomings. 

As a review, here are my seven transferable elements of Small groups and Sunday School classes:

  1. Infrastructure Essential to Small Groups and Sunday Schools
  2. “Span of Care” and Small Groups and Sunday School
  3. Real People Make Up Small Groups and Sunday School
  4. Transformation Teaching An Essential Ingredient in Small Groups and Sunday School Classes
  5. Maintaining an Evangelistic Focus in Groups and Sunday School Classes
  6. Authentic Relationships: The Goal of Both Sunday School and Small Groups
  7. Groups and Sunday School Classes Organize to Meet Needs

Hope you enjoy and look forward to growing as a Group Specialist.


About drmarkmiller

I serve as the Sunday School, Discipleship, Small Groups Specialist for the Tennessee Baptist Convention
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