Myrtle Goes to Sunday School

Sunday School is about making a difference in the life of people.  Let me share another fictional, but realistic story with you.  

Myrtle is a longtime member of First Baptist Church. Through the years, she has faithfully taught younger preschoolers in Sunday School.  Her husband is experiencing some health difficulties and Myrtle is having to take this year off from teaching.

Myrtle’s friends have invited her to Sunday School.  She is a little nervous about going to an adult Sunday School class. 

Isn’t it ironic that a long-time member, invited by friends, would feel nervous about attending Sunday School for the first time in years.  How much more would the first time guest feel?  Members and Sunday School teachers must be intentional about greeting everyone and making everyone feel welcome and wanted. 

If Myrtle was to come to your Sunday School class, what would she experience?  Would your class welcome Myrtle with enthusiasm? How could your class minister to Myrtle and her husband? Adult leaders, is there someone in your class that is ready to step up and teach the preschoolers that Myrtle loves?

Myrtle reminds me of my mom.  She has taught Sunday School all of my life.  She is an example of what a Godly Christian lady who was and still is committed to serving her Lord and her church.  Today, mom’s health will not let her teach.  Thankfully, she found a Sunday School class that honors her for her dedication and accepts her as a friend.  Thank you for ministering to my mom. 

American churches are filled with members like Myrtle and my mom.  In my work, I meet them everyday. Dedicated older men and women who have been pillars in our churches.  Let’s not be guilty of failing to minister to these saints and honoring them for their service to their church.  When they express concern for the direction of the church, don’t dismiss them but listen to them and learn from their experiences.  These men and women love the church and their Lord.


About drmarkmiller

I serve as the Sunday School, Discipleship, Small Groups Specialist for the Tennessee Baptist Convention
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