What Should have been?

The season is over. Girls were crying. Another team was smiling. I started the season looking forward to a fun year of going to the ballpark and watching my daughter play and her team win. Thanks to a coach who only cared about winning….she barely played and the starters on the field never really became a team just an anointed group of individuals playing a game. Many games were won but in the end the result was the same…another loss to a bitter rival.

For me and my daughter this was her last game and her last season. She will graduate next week. I am glad that she knows that my love is not determined by her success on the softball field or her grades in the classroom. I know the player that my daughter is. Ever since she was 2, I have known that she is gifted and talented. I know the love she has for the game. I know how much it hurt to sit and watch each grinding pitch and never be given the opportunity to play. What would I have given to have a coach that cared more for his players and helping each one reach their full potential than just winning a game. I can see the all star that resides in my daughter. I know that if given a legitimate chance and the right encouragement she would have contributed to help the team not only win some games but become the team that could have won the elusive championship.

Her high school career as a player is over. What should have been a fun and great senior season turned out to be a lesson in perseverance. My prayer is that this coach did not take her self-esteem away and cause her to doubt her worth. I pray that her father in heaven will encourage her and let her know that He sees the all star that resides within and the incredible young lady that she has become and remind her that He has a plan for her life.

What about you? Are you a coach or a teacher or a minister like my daughter’s high school coach that uses people to accomplish your goals or do you recognize the potential that resides in each boy and girl, man and woman that you teach or lead?


About drmarkmiller

I serve as the Sunday School, Discipleship, Small Groups Specialist for the Tennessee Baptist Convention
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