WOW! GO GOD!!! : Seek Help

WOW! GO GOD!!! In Tina’s original e-mail, she began by saying, “You probably don’t have a clue who I am, but I contacted you in the summer about a brand new Sunday School class that our church had started.” One of the privileges and joys of serving as a State Missionary is working with pastors, Sunday School Directors and teachers. The third step in joining Tina in shouting, WOW! GO GOD!!!, is to Seek help and direction.

I was not discouraged, but wanted some more ammunition in my arsenal. Our attendance had steadily increased to 9 by late July! My dear friend, Kathy Trundle, referred me to you. After talking with you on the phone, I put the Sunday School University training date on my calendar! I attended the class in Lebanon. It was awesome what God showed me through that! He gave me a vision of how to organize and mobilize this class to become His hands and feet! He expects more than just Sunday-go-to-meeting Christians! Set high standards according to His Word and leadership and watch what He does!

Sunday School University returns this year in 24 locations across Tennessee. Participants can choose two sixty minute conferences. The conference will begin at 6:30, but will still conclude at 9:00. Sunday School University is tuition free. Your tuition is paid by the gifts to the Cooperative Program and to your association. Visit to the TBC web site at

Tina wrote, “And last but definitely not least, I thank you, Mark, for doing what God has called you to do – equipping the saints!” I count it a privilege to serve God as a State Missionary and am available to your church as a speaker for Sunday school emphasis days, revivals, or banquets; a conference leader for adult or General leader conferences, a consultant, or a coach. You can reach me at 1-800-558-2090, ext 2048 or 615-371-2048. My e-mail is
WOW! GO GOD!!! Seek Help and Direction!

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I serve as the Sunday School, Discipleship, Small Groups Specialist for the Tennessee Baptist Convention
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