WOW! GO GOD!!! : Implement a Strategy

WOW! GO GOD!!! The third step in joining Tina in shouting, WOW! GO GOD!!!, is Implement a Strategy for Success. Tina wrote:

We had a Mexican Fiesta night – our first social event as a group in August. I had the vision laid out in black and white and was going to cast it out to see if anyone would take the bait! After prayer, I explained what I felt God wanted us to do. The idea of having a mission project to complete as a class, my list of positions that I needed leaders for – even down to the bulletin boards being put up in our newly painted room – Bulletin Board Specialist – how awesome is that?! It’s amazing what a fancy title will spark in people! They named 4 mission project ideas. They wanted to do … and did … all 4 within two and a half months! Those team leaders took the bait and they have become a class of fishers of men (and women)! We now have 25 on our roll with a CONSISTENT average of 18! We are having our Christmas party this Friday night and sent out 29 “prospect” invitations!

In Matthew 28:19-20, Jesus commands his church to make Disciples. What’s your game plan for seeing life changed in Sunday School. The good news is that Jesus gave us a strategy to accomplish his purpose, and all four parts of this plan should be done through your Sunday School.

Going: First, Jesus tell us to Go. Ironically, many churches will enlist teachers and provide classes, but fail to Go after the people. If Jesus was your Sunday School teacher, your class would be involved in evangelism and missions.

Winning: The second part of this four part plan is to win people to Christ that they might follow Him. Making disciples is what we are all about. The Sunday School is better equipped to win people than any other organization in the church. Why would we leave the largest priority in the church to the smallest ministry?

Baptizing: New Testament evangelism involves baptism. Baptism identifies us with Jesus and with one another. For Southern Baptists, when a person is baptized, they become a member of the church. In my opinion, every church member should be a member of a Sunday School class. After someone has been won the easiest and most efficient way to assimilate them is a Sunday School class. In fact, Thom Rainer’s, President of LifeWay Christian Resources, research indicates that if we get someone connected to a Sunday School class or small group that 85% of these people will still be connected to your church 5 years later, compared with only 15% of those who only attend worship.

Teaching: The fourth part of the plan is to teach them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you. Great Commission teaching is not just teaching them to know all things but to observe. Great Commission teaching requires the teacher to do more than to prepare and deliver a lesson. The teacher must cultivate the soil by building strong relationships with the students that it teach.

Going, winning, baptizing, and teaching, There is no other plan in place. WOW! GO GOD!!! Implement a Strategy for Success.

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I serve as the Sunday School, Discipleship, Small Groups Specialist for the Tennessee Baptist Convention
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