WOW! GO GOD!!! : Preparation is Essential.

WOW! GO GOD!!! The second step in joining Tina in shouting, WOW! GO GOD!!!, is to recognize that Preparation is Essential. Tina wrote:

“June 1 was the first Sunday for this class. I had prepared for rain! I expected a flood of people hungry & wanting to be fed! I prepared the room & chairs for 18 people! I was armed and dangerous ready to charge hell with a squirt gun! I joyfully taught 2 people that blessed day! My pastor had forewarned me not to get discouraged. “It may take time and people may not be consistent” – he was right!”

Starting a new class does not just happen. Preparation is Essential. Some actions that need to be taken to launch a new class:

• Select a Target Group
• Set a date to begin
• Build your leadership team
• Find a Place for them to meet
• Obtain needed curriculum
• Discover and assign prospects to the new teacher and class
• Build relationships with prospective member
• Celebrate the new beginning

Preparation does not guarantee perfection but is does leads to greater excellence. Preparation also led to greater expectations. Starting a new class is hard work….so don’t get discouraged…keep contacting attendees and potential members and preparing a great lesson every week.

WOW! GO GOD!!! Expect God’s Blessings, Prepare!

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About drmarkmiller

I serve as the Sunday School, Discipleship, Small Groups Specialist for the Tennessee Baptist Convention
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