WOW! GO GOD!!! : Prayer is ESSENTIAL

WOW! GO GOD!!! The first step in joining Tina in shouting, WOW! GO GOD!!!, is to recognize the importance of prayer. Note these two excerpts from her testimony.

Our pastor came to me and told me that he couldn’t sleep one night and he started praying about this new class; who was to teach it, the age range etc. He said God gave him my name. At the time I was a the youth teacher and loved it, but felt unsatisfied and unsettled for several months. You know that feeling when you just know God is changing things, but has not shown you the blueprint?!

He told me to pray about teaching this new Adult Coed Class for ages 25-35. He said we need somebody a little bit older than them (to which I said “gee thanks” and went to have my hair colored AGAIN!) and somebody who has older kids with that experience under their belt. He told me to pray about it.

I did just that – asking God to show me.

Pastors and Sunday School Directors, prayer should be the first step in the enlistment process. Many of you are struggling to find workers and are hesitant to start new classes. Let’s begin with prayer. Jesus stated in Matthew 9:38, “Pray ye the Lord of the Harvest that he would send laborers into the field.” Second, nominating Committee should encourage the enlistee to pray and seek God’s will.

Teachers, seek God’s understanding of your call and ask him to show you his will. Tina did just that but the surprising things is the answers did not come immediately and God chose to not utilize some her usual support, her mentors and friends. She had to wait on God’s timing. Henry Blackaby states in Spiritual Leadership, “Spiritual leaders seek God’s will, whether it is for their church or their corporation, and then they marshal their people to pursue God’s plan.” Tina was on this journey. She states, “I knelt down beside my bed and said “God, I know You already know this, but I love You!” IMMEDIATELY He said “Feed My sheep!” The river of tears that flowed in that moment was enormous! HE gave me that answer!!! Peace – wonderful peace – affirmation – confirmation – joy – the whole nine yards!”

WOW! GO GOD!!! Begin with Prayer.

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I serve as the Sunday School, Discipleship, Small Groups Specialist for the Tennessee Baptist Convention
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