The following story is from Tina Craighead, a teacher at First Baptist Church,Gordonsville, Tennessee and is printed by permission. The next few blog articles will highlight some of the significant steps taken by this teacher and some practical steps that will allow you to proclaim: WOW! GO GOD!!!

Great way to start off huh! He has shown Himself mighty and proven Himself faithful once again! This is my testimony .

Our pastor came to me and told me that he couldn’t sleep one night and he started praying about this new class; who was to teach it, the age range etc. He said God gave him my name. At the time I was a the youth teacher and loved it, but felt unsatisfied and unsettled for several months. You know that feeling when you just know God is changing things, but has not shown you the blueprint?!

He told me to pray about teaching this new Adult Coed Class for ages 25-35. He said we need somebody a little bit older than them (to which I said “gee thanks” and went to have my hair colored AGAIN!) and somebody who has older kids with that experience under their belt. He told me to pray about it.

I did just that – asking God to show me. Asking Him for confirmation that this is what HE wants me to do. On that note, I went to this couple’s house. God has blessed me with the gift of their godly friendship. I thought maybe if I dance around the subject, God will enlighten me through them with my answer. I got nothing! I continued to pray. Two days later, still praying I might add, my Christian mentor calls me out of the blue! I thought, “Oh wow, God, You are gonna give me my answer through her!” I could not speak of that class for love nor money! God spoke to my spirit and said “you are gonna seek ME for this one!” I got off the phone just totally taken back that I couldn’t talk to anybody about this! I put the dishes down and walked back to my bedroom. I knelt down beside my bed and said “God, I know You already know this, but I love You!” IMMEDIATELY He said “Feed My sheep!” The river of tears that flowed in that moment was enormous! HE gave me that answer!!! Peace – wonderful peace – affirmation – confirmation – joy – the whole nine yards!

June 1 was the first Sunday for this class. I had prepared for rain! I expected a flood of people hungry & wanting to be fed! I prepared the room & chairs for 18 people! I was armed and dangerous ready to charge hell with a squirt gun! I joyfully taught 2 people that blessed day! My pastor had forewarned me not to get discouraged. “It may take time and people may not be consistent” – he was right!

I was not discouraged, but wanted some more ammunition in my arsenal. Our attendance had steadily increased to 9 by late July! My dear friend, Kathy Trundle, referred me to you. After talking with you on the phone, I put the Sunday School University training date on my calendar! I attended the class in Lebanon. It was awesome what God showed me through that! He gave me a vision of how to organize and mobilize this class to become His hands and feet! He expects more than just Sunday-go-to-meeting Christians! Set high standards according to His Word and leadership and watch what He does!

We had a Mexican Fiesta night – our first social event as a group in August. I had the vision laid out in black and white and was going to cast it out to see if anyone would take the bait! After prayer, I explained what I felt God wanted us to do. The idea of having a mission project to complete as a class, my list of positions that I needed leaders for – even down to the bulletin boards being put up in our newly painted room – Bulletin Board Specialist – how awesome is that?! It’s amazing what a fancy title will spark in people! They named 4 mission project ideas. They wanted to do … and did … all 4 within two and a half months! Those team leaders took the bait and they have become a class of fishers of men (and women)! We now have 25 on our roll with a CONSISTENT average of 18! We are having our Christmas party this Friday night and sent out 29 “prospect” invitations!

I praise the Mighty Name of our Savior Jesus for a message to share! I praise God for the opportunity to be His vessel as unworthy as I am, yet able because I was bought with the priceless precious blood of the Lamb!

Thanks again & May God totally bless your socks off!!!

Tina Craighead
First Baptist Church
Gordonsville, TN

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I serve as the Sunday School, Discipleship, Small Groups Specialist for the Tennessee Baptist Convention
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