Create One!

Create One! Create one and change your Sunday School. Healthy, growing churches consistently agree that starting new classes is the key. As a young minister of education, I remember hearing the late Ron Lewis, a church growth consultant, say, “Growing churches do what non-growing churches don’t want to do.” By starting a new Bible Study class, you will make a decision for growing your Sunday School.

Why start classes? Classes make everyone the specific responsibility of a group. Classes give focus to class for reaching, teaching, and ministry. It allows Bible study and application with people of similar age and/or life stage.

What are the steps to Create One? First, select a target group. Second, set a date to begin. Third, build your leadership team. Fourth, find a place for them to meet. Five, obtain needed curriculum. Sixth, discover and assign prospects. Seventh, build relationships with prospects. Eighth, celebrate the new beginning.

As we begin a new year of Sunday School work, consider starting a new Sunday School class. If you need assistance, I am committed to helping you change your Sunday School, one new class at a time.

Has your church started a new class or department this year? A Create One! Recognition Award is available. You can apply by mail or online on the Tennessee Baptist Convention web site at


About drmarkmiller

I serve as the Sunday School, Discipleship, Small Groups Specialist for the Tennessee Baptist Convention
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