Sunday School in a REAL Church–Union-McMinn Baptist Church

Union-McMinn Baptist Church, Niota, has been recognized as one of the Tennessee Baptist Convention’s Fastest Growing Sunday Schools for 2008. The church averaged 127 in Sunday School and over 200 in worship.

Pastor Doug Alexander believes starting new classes are key factors in its growth. Four new classes have been started to meet the needs of the members and the lost/unchurched. Last year in the Equipping U conferences, conferees were taught the Power of Ten. For every new class that is started, Sunday School Attendance will increase by 10 and enrollment by 20. Union McMinn proves that Sunday Schools that intentionally start new classes grow. Alexander indicates that there biggest challenge to starting these new units was finding and discovering qualified teachers and encouraging people to participate in these new classes. Growth doesn’t just happen…you have to work at it.

Sunday School promotion at Union-McMinn is accomplished through engaging the people on a personal level. Members and non-members are encouraged to participate in Sunday School, reminded of the opportunities in Sunday School. The pastor has preached on the impotance of Sunday School and challenge members to make Sunday School a priority.

Union-McMinn goals are to grow spiritually as well as numerically. ”We must deepen the stakes as we enlarge the tent!” Pastor Alexander states to grow a Sunday School and a church, “you must live as a revived church, active on all fronts of ministry and missions, providing people an opportunity to be equipped to do ministry.”


About drmarkmiller

I serve as the Sunday School, Discipleship, Small Groups Specialist for the Tennessee Baptist Convention
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