A Winning Team

The thrill of victory! Eight years ago, my boss talked me into playing golf at the annual Tennessee Baptist Religious Education Association retreat. I was hooked immediately and have worked at becoming a golfer. One thing that I had not experienced was playing on a winning scramble team (at this retreat), until last Thursday. The teams are randomly drawn based on handicaps. Each team has a decent chance of winning. What made the difference this year?

Our team was composed of people with complementary skills. Each golfer brought something to the table and each golfer contributed meaningful shots during the round. Jonathan Probes got on a roll putting and sank several 10-12 footers to save par or make a birdie. Starting on the first hole, someone would hit a great shot that would allow our team to have decent chances to stay even or gain a point on the competition.

The team also was dedicated to a common purpose. First, we recognized that the main goal of a scramble was to have fun and enjoy the fellowship. Second, each team member understood that the purpose of the game was to get the ball in the hole.

Lastly, each of us was willing to be mutually accountable to the other team members. In order to win, it took all of us contributing. In order to win, we recognized that it didn’t matter who hit a great drive, or stuck the approach shot close to the hole, or who sunk the puck. It only mattered that we avoided the woods, landed on the green, and someone knocked it in the hole.

Dan Bruce, Jonathan Propes, and I made a great team that was able to win a golf scramble. Is your Sunday School leadership functioning like a winning team? Are you composed of leaders with complementary skills committed to a common purpose or goal and for which they are willing to be mutually accountable?


About drmarkmiller

I serve as the Sunday School, Discipleship, Small Groups Specialist for the Tennessee Baptist Convention
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