Evangelistic Prayer Lists Work!

The Tennessee Baptist Convention is partnering with the North American Mission Board in a 4 year emphasis entitled G.P.S. (God’s Plan for Sharing). The first year of this four year emphasis focuses on Praying for the Harvest. What Sunday School’s role in praying for the harvest?

Every week, Sunday School classes spend class time to share and pray for the prayer requests of the members. What types of requests are normally prayed for? The vast majority of requests deal with sickness of members or member’s friends, relatives, and family. With today’s economic woes, I am sure that many prayer requests deal with financial issues, such as members or member’s friends, relatives or family searching for employment or struggling to pay the bills. The Bible clearly admonishes us to pray for one another, to bear one another burdens, and to care for one another.

If Sunday School is going to be utilized to pray for the harvest, Sunday School classes must also pray for friends, family, relatives that are lost. In Power Up Your Sunday School, every class is encouraged to develop an evangelistic prayer list. Just this week, I heard a testimony from a church in Pulaski, TN. A teenager, whose friend had placed his name on their class’s evangelistic prayer list, came to church and accepted Christ at an early service then proceeded to attend his new class where he proudly shared…you can remove my name from the list. Prayer makes a difference. As State Sunday School Director, these are the types of testimonies that I am praying I will begin to hear every week.

An evangelistic prayer list is certainly only the first step to utilize Sunday School to pray for the Harvest. But what if every Sunday School class in the TBC had an evangelistic prayer list consisting of the number they have enrolled. Each week in Tennessee Baptist’s Sunday Schools, over a half million lost people would be lifted up in prayer. Knowing that God’s answers the prayers of his people, thousands of people would come to know Christ as their Savior and would exchange Hell for Heaven. Join my class and begin your evangelistic prayer list this Sunday.


About drmarkmiller

I serve as the Sunday School, Discipleship, Small Groups Specialist for the Tennessee Baptist Convention
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