POWER UP! Your Sunday School WORKS

Last Sunday, Concord/Grandview Baptist Church in Nolensville concluded Power UP! Your Sunday School emphasis. The campaign wrapped up with High Attendance Day. The classes had set an ambitious goal to top 175 in Bible Study and surpassed it with 187in attendance. According to Pastor Randall Jackson, this was the highest Sunday since Concord Baptist Church and Grandview Baptist Church merged over ten years ago.

As State Sunday School Director, I have always promoted Sunday School emphases like Power UP, Super Sunday on Super Bowl Day, and Ripe For Harvest campaigns, which are available from my office. Campaigns and special days build momentum and motivation for Sunday School. Certainly, that was the case at Concord-Grandview.

These seven weeks of equipping and ministry challenged the Concord-Grandview to implement timeless principles of Sunday School in order to move to the next level of ministry. Concord-Grandview bulletin Sunday contained this message:

Although we may be ending the PowerUP Campaign, actually we are going to continue applying the PowerUP principles of an effective Sunday School in our church. As a refresher, here are the principles that we have been learning over the past 7 weeks.

The Power of Prayer – we have engaged in evangelistic prayer for our unsaved friends and neighbors.

The Power of Community – by enrolling our unsaved friends in Sunday School, we practice team evangelism and our friends get to see true Christian community.

The Power of 10 – New classes are necessary for us to reach and disciple people into the Lordship of Christ. On average, we have 10 people attend for every new class we start.

The Power of One – One person can have an eternal impact in the life of another. As a Sunday School, we are calling out the godly potential of every person enrolled.

Power UP! worked to give Concord-Grandview’s Sunday School a needed boost. Adult classes were strengthened. The ratio of Sunday School attendance to worship attendance increased from 50% to 65%. The importance of Sunday School was preached as Bro. Randall tweaked the available sermons in the Power Up Kit. I believe it will work for your Sunday School as well.

For more information on PowerUP!…go to http://www.equippingu.com.


About drmarkmiller

I serve as the Sunday School, Discipleship, Small Groups Specialist for the Tennessee Baptist Convention
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