Re-engerizing Sunday School

Power UP! Your Sunday School has been the theme for our Sunday School conferences in Tennessee. Many Sunday School leaders have chosen to get plugged into training. Pastors and Sunday School Directors have been charged with the challenge to conduct a seven-week Power Up Emphasis in their church.

The recent hurricanes have left many without power and caused a major gas shortage in Tennessee. Electricity is certainly taken for granted. The same is true for Sunday School. Ninety-nine percent of the churches in Tennessee conducted Sunday School on Sunday, but most take it for granted. Most Sunday Schools simply teach those who show up, instead of being utilized as the strategy to help the church fulfill the Great Commission. My desire is to raise up advocates for Sunday School that will stand up for Sunday School NOW. My fear is that churches will wait until the power goes off until we realize the importance of Sunday School in our churches.

In the PowerUp! Emphasis, the focus is on re-energizing Sunday School on four basic principles:

•Power of Prayer – Engage your entire Sunday School in evangelistic prayer for their friends and neighbors.
• Power of Community – Life change happens best in an environment of small groups. Enrolling friends and neighbors through the “Anyone-Anytime-Anywhere” plan into Sunday School enables your people to practice relationship evangelism.
• Power of Ten – How to start new Bible study groups and increase your Sunday School’s attendance by 10 with each new group you start.
•Power of One- One person can have an eternal impact in the life of another. Transform your Sunday School staff from teachers to leaders.

May our Sunday Schools be empowered to reach our state with the gospel of Christ through implementing the four PowerUP principles of prayer, community, new groups, and godly leaders. More information on the Power UP conferences and emphasis is available at


About drmarkmiller

I serve as the Sunday School, Discipleship, Small Groups Specialist for the Tennessee Baptist Convention
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