Crossway Baptist Church Believes in Sunday School

Crossway Baptist Church in Murfreesboro believes in Sunday School. Randall Davis, the Minister of Education, wrote, “We are a Sunday School driven church, it is the largest organization in the church and the organization for supplying workers and leaders for all the ministries of the church.” A strong reason Crossway is a Sunday School driven church resides in the belief of the pastor in Sunday School. Davis stated “our pastor understands, encourages and promotes the necessity of growing a church through the Sunday School.”

Crossway emphasizes that relationships are best built through small group bible study. “The worship service is our entry point but in order to become a part of the life and ministry of the church a member must be in a Sunday School class.” Thom Rainer’s research indicated that over 80% of the new members that get connected to a small group, such as Sunday School, are still in the church five years later. This compares to only 15% that only attend worship. Crossway develop Sunday School to serve as a seamless process for assimilation, starting from the moment a guest steps on their campus until they are enrolled in a Sunday School class and become a member of the church.

What would you say to other to other pastors and Sunday School Directors? Davis responded with: What reaches them, keeps them. Sunday School is about reaching people. Sunday School works when we work Sunday School. It is founded on fundamental principles that work.

Crossway Baptist Church was recognized as one the fastest Growing Sunday School in the Tennessee Baptist Convention in 2007. Crossway grew from 165 in 2005 to an average attendance of 225 in 2007 with an enrollment of 542. Tony Long serves as pastor.


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I serve as the Sunday School, Discipleship, Small Groups Specialist for the Tennessee Baptist Convention
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