Build a Strong Team

Fans of the Tennessee Titans followed the Pacman Jones saga with keen interest. Some fans recognized his tremendous athletic ability and were willing to tolerate his antics off the field as long as his performance on the field led to victories. Others celebrated when he was traded to the Dallas Cowboys and out of the local news and locker room. Pacman was a highly drafted prospect when chosen by the Titans. The key word here is chosen. He was courted and chosen to be the 6th pick of the NFL draft.

At this time of the year, nominating committees are working diligently to enlist volunteers for various positions of leadership in the church. Nominating Committee members and others that are enlisting for various positions in the church have been given the responsibility of assembling a winning team to lead the programs and ministries of the church. Teams have the following characteristics:

* Committed to a common purpose
* Have complimentary skills
* Work toward common goals,
* Hold themselves mutually accountable.

Building a winning team begins with enlisting or recruiting your team properly. Pat Summit would never let Mike Hamilton, the athletic director at UT, to recruit her team. Why? Because a recruit must understand what is required and what is expected to become a Lady Vol. Championships are won because of her thoroughness. When enlisting volunteers, churches should be just as careful to explore with the person being enlisted WHAT is required (responsibilities), the WALK that is expected (characteristics), and communicate WHO is on the team.

Proper enlistment is the first step toward developing a winning team. Don’t make the same mistake the Titans made.


About drmarkmiller

I serve as the Sunday School, Discipleship, Small Groups Specialist for the Tennessee Baptist Convention
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