Best Practices in Follow-Up include enrolling that person in Sunday School

Best Practices in Follow-Up include enrolling that person in Sunday School!!:

Best Practices is a hot button in our culture. Detailing, for business the best practices to follow for a success. What can we do in our fellowships to ensure Healthy Church Evangelism? And to make sure we are following best practices when we follow-up with those who become Christ followers.

Time: Churches who do best practices in the area of follow-up recognize that any solid practice will take time. Mapping out for new followers the path that will move them from where they are currently, to realizing the vision of becoming a fully devoted follower of Christ.

Intentionality: If we plan our revivals, church services, music, and other evangelistic opportunities without intentionally planning the follow-up, we will fail. Have we intentionally discovered the make-up of a fully devoted follower of Christ? Have we intentionally set the markers on this Journey we call Assimilation? Have we intentionally designed points of celebration for these folks who are on this Journey with us? Bill Graham’s organization makes it clear in the planning of a Bill Graham Crusade. 30% of the planning time and energy expended by the committee is dedicated to the time leading up to the Crusade and the Crusade itself. A full 70% of time and energy in planning and implementation is dedicated to Follow-up. A great deal of thought goes into what the Billy Graham organization does with folks who walk the isle during a crusade.

Clarity: Clarity within the follow-up process is all about clearly defined expectations. In our marriages we do better as husband and wife when we communicate our expectations. Starting on this journey of the Christian walk is no exception. In order to make disciples and help move our people towards becoming a fully devoted follower of Christ we must give them clearly marked signs. These markers and expectations can include things like:

-Have I connected with a Sunday School/ Open Group?

-Have I been through a new members class?

-Do I fully understand what my Spiritual gifts are?

-Am I working within the body of Christ according to my spiritual gifts?

-Have I taken the time to learn how to share my faith?

-Am I moving towards a Missional Mindset?

Giving our church family clarity within the Journey keeps them from being LOST and helps them to keep moving.

Celebrations not Destinations : Church leadership must begin to help followers Celebrate accomplishments and the reaching of these markers but also help them understand “We have not Arrived Yet”. Assimilation is about Movement, therefore, these celebrations are not monumental events they are Momentous events. Propelling us even further down the trail, bold and unhindered for Christ. ( Acts 28:31 )


About drmarkmiller

I serve as the Sunday School, Discipleship, Small Groups Specialist for the Tennessee Baptist Convention
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