Are you a 1D, 2D, or 3D Sunday School?

Has your Sunday School become just a program? In Tennessee, 99.9% of Tennessee Baptist Churches report having a Sunday School organization. If your Sunday School has become just another program or a weekly event on the schedule, let me encourage you to ask the question: Are you a 1D, 2D or 3D Sunday School? The Sunday School movement stills work when you intentionally utilize your Sunday School program as a strategy for growing your church, ministering to others, and making disciples. Are you a 3D Sunday School?

A 3D Sunday School helps people invite, discover, and connect. A 3D Sunday School is involved in reaching, teaching, and ministering. My observation is that the majority of Sunday Schools are 1D, focused entirely on the teaching or discover dimension of Sunday School. The majority of adult classes might be considered 2D Sunday Schools as they ministered to people who attend on a regular basis. Honestly, few Sunday Schools in Tennessee are 3D Sunday Schools. Many Sunday Schools struggle with utilizing Sunday School as the outreach arm of the church. Classes lack an outward focus.

Let me encourage you to participate in an upcoming seminar focused on the Invite or Reaching Dimension of Sunday School. A Six Lane Strategy for an Inviting Sunday School conference will be offered in 12 locations across the state on January 28. This training will be provided by participating associations and led by their Association Equipping U Trainers (Association Sunday School leadership). Sunday School leaders will investigate six strategies designed to help their church and class become a more inviting Sunday School. Each location will feature separate conferences for General Leaders (Pastors, Ministers of Education, Sunday School Directors), Adult, Youth, Children, and Preschool Leaders. The conference begins at 6:30 and will conclude promptly at 8:30. For an updated list, check with these associations and/or the Equipping U website at

Are you a 3D Sunday School? A 2D Sunday School? Or a 1D Sunday School? Find out more by downloading a copy of the book entitled 3D Sunday School by David Francis. Follow this link to


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I serve as the Sunday School, Discipleship, Small Groups Specialist for the Tennessee Baptist Convention
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