Where do I find Prospects for my Sunday School

Where do I find Prospects for my Sunday School organization. I’m glad you asked that question!! Because, just simply asking that question tells me you understand the purpose and the history of Sunday School. Some believe that Sunday School would serve the Church better as a Discipleship Training opportunity instead of an Outreach tool. WWWWRONG!

Sunday School works best being used as it was designed to be used. How well does that pair of Pliers work as a hammer. Or, how well do those keys work as your knife. Just as I thought. Tools do not work well when we try and use them for things other then what they were designed to be used .

First: I would begin with the Church Membership roll. If you find a person who is a member of the Church but not a member of the Sunday School then you have just discovered a SS prospect.

Second: Look in the individual Sunday School classes to see if they have old records that may contain the names, addresses, and phone numbers of class members who have been purged from that classes Sunday School roll…..Just because that Sunday School class has turned their back on that former member does not mean that God or His bride (the Church) should be through with them.

Third: VBS, Fall Festivals, and Christmas programs are some of the prime opportunities for people in the community to visit your church. Are you making sure that you have every name , address, phone number and age of everyone who attends these great touch point events in the life of your Church and Community.


About drmarkmiller

I serve as the Sunday School, Discipleship, Small Groups Specialist for the Tennessee Baptist Convention
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