Yes I’m sure that San Antonio is straight west of Fort Worth

Yes, I’m sure San Antonio is straight west of Fort Worth. Those we’re my words, having a little time off during Seminary, and excited about the camping trip to San Antonio. Persistance is a good quality if you are heading in the right direction. Persistance can be the death of you if you are heading to San Angelo instead of San Antonio.

Pastor, What direction is you Sunday school heading ? Sunday School director are you and your team making the same mistakes year after year? Working smart and being as effective as you can be may be the difference in a Sunday School that is not growing and one that is creating a buzz in the Church and in the Community!!

Be Persistant….but be persistantly heading in the right direction!!!!

The right direction is:
– moving a Sunday School that is turned inward to a Sunday School that is Outward focused and living there life and doing there ministry with an eye to the Outsider ( Colossians 4:5 )
-Starting a Sunday School Growth Team. Comprised of the SS Department directors or some of the teachers. Using the SS Growth team to make the hard decisions that all growing SS have to make.
-Teacher Training that is worth the effort. Not just having teacher training because that’s what your suppose to do but Teacher Training that is making a difference in the life of the Teachers and the life of your SS.

🙂 See you in San Antonio…..


About drmarkmiller

I serve as the Sunday School, Discipleship, Small Groups Specialist for the Tennessee Baptist Convention
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One Response to Yes I’m sure that San Antonio is straight west of Fort Worth

  1. Mark Miller says:

    I have certainly been lost, one time I got lost in Clarksville, just going to Kroger. Sunday School certainly need to be heading in the right direction…towards an inviting Sunday School. David Francis, director of Sunday Schools for Lifeway, wrote a great little book, entitled I6, a six lane strategy for Inviting Sunday School. The book suggest six lanes or ways to become an inviting Sunday School: Invigorate, Incorporate, Invest, Intercede, Invite and Involve. Download a copy at

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